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Next generation MFA:
Mobile authentication, reimagined

Mobile and desktop authentication

Your users are mobile, shouldn't your authentication keep pace? Most authentication approaches still rely on technologies that were developed in the desktop era for the earliest forms of digital identity. In a modern, mobile-first world, they are but a mix of accidental choices and misfits.

Mobile phone numbers are the ideal digital identity for our mobile world, but the ease of verifying them has been at odds with the certainty of verification. No more.

Introducing tru.ID — Phone verification without tradeoffs — security for mobile apps, reimagined from the ground up.

returning users

Zero user input

Upon submitting their phone number to your app, the verification is entirely invisible to your users. They don't have to go to an authenticator app, there are no PINs to mis-type, no URLs to click on, and no actions to review and approve. Since there is no context/app switch, tru.ID minimises abandonment.

Sub-2 seconds

SMS relies on infrastructure that was neither built for reliability, nor speed. On average, an SMS takes 90 seconds to be delivered. Users need yet more time to glean the OTP and progress with their verification. By removing carrier network and user input latencies, tru.ID verifies users up to 50x faster.

prevent churn due to account takeovers
real time security

Cryptographically secure

Unlike OTPs, which may be intercepted or compromised, tru.ID leverages the cryptographic security of the SIM card in a user's mobile device. The SIM Card's security is tamper-proof and this check is verified against a user's mobile network operator, so you can be sure of the mobile number identity.

Developer Platform

Start building your app with a free account and unlimited verifications on our sandbox. No contracts, no complicated billing, no learning curve. Our APIs are turnkey, so you can see a functional prototype in a matter of minutes. Build, deploy, scale as you go, AND pay as you go. truly simple.

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