About tru.ID

The tru.ID digital identity paradigm

Silent, seamless possession factor security for every mobile user

tru.ID identity paradigm

At tru.ID, we believe that a digital identity should be

Unencumbered by legacy

Mobile devices are the primary computer for many of us. Using a mobile device as a possession factor provides the most ubiquitous way to authenticate your users.

Universally accessible
Leave none behind

Embeddable into every app, providing the broadest network authentication coverage, accessible by every developer using every code stack.

Private by design
Zero trust with zero knowledge

By providing an MFA possession factor using the cryptographic security of the SIM card, there's no PII exchanged during verification, enabling zero-trust with zero knowledge.

tru.ID products

Upgrade your authentication to tru.ID SIM security

tru.ID mobile verification provides the best customer experience with unparalleled security.

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Your users are already mobile; it’s time to align your identity and access management with a mobile-native experiences. Mobile numbers are a natural, ubiquitous identity.

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Real, yet anonymous

Users shouldn’t have to settle for giving up privacy to prove they are real. Verified mobile numbers strike this balance—offering a private yet real identity.

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Strong customer authentication

SMS-based OTPs are increasingly targeted by social engineering and SIM swap attacks. tru.ID provides in-band, real-time verification which is impervious to man-in-the-middle, social engineering and SIM swap attacks.

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Let your app UX sparkle

Remove unnecessary friction from user verification flows. Requiring users to wait for codes, click links or recover passwords is no longer needed. tru.ID enables you to deliver the best user experience, so your app can shine.

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Discover why forward-thinking companies are upgrading to silent SIM-based authentication.