The tru.ID Identity Paradigm

Our digital lives are now persistently connected and mobile, but our digital identity is stuck in the legacy desktop world. Users—all of us—are either constantly proving our identity through cumbersome means, being tracked across the web, or worse, leaving digital identities unsecured.
We envision a world where everyone has a modern, digital identity, that they can confidently, securely and privately use everywhere.
We are building solutions to make that world possible. We are starting with the essential core foundation for this new world—invisible, instant verification built on top of the most ubiquitous and modern digital identity and possession factor: mobile phone numbers.

The tru.ID Identity Paradigm

We believe identities and their verification must be:

  • Mobile-Native — the primary computer for many of us already
  • Universal — for every developer/app, and every user, with no learning curve
  • Secure & Private — strong cryptography with zero knowledge

Why your users will love tru.ID


Your users are already mobile; it’s time to align your identity and access management with a mobile-native experiences. Phone numbers are a natural, ubiquitous identity.

Real, yet anonymous

Rarely is it necessary to resolve the real-world identity behind a digital one. Users shouldn’t have to settle for identities that track them invasively, and businesses shouldn’t have to support disposable ones. Verified mobile phone numbers strike a balance—offering a private yet real identity.

How tru.ID can empower your app

Secure what matters

SMS-based OTPs are increasingly targeted by social engineering and SIM Swap frauds. Protocol vulnerabilities leave SMS wide-open to compromise. tru.ID empowers you to build in-band, real-time verification which is impervious to man-in-the-middle, social engineering and SIM Swap attacks.

Let your app's UX sparkle

Using SMS OTP adds unnecessary friction to the verification flow due to the latency and lack of deliverability guarantees. Requiring users to install yet another authenticator, or download another app forces them to context switch. tru.ID enables you to deliver the best user experience, so your app can shine.

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