Verification without vulnerabilities

Tailor-built for better security and lower friction

SMS was not designed to provide device authentication, so it lacks elements foundational to secure communication. tru.ID is strikingly different. Our platform and products are purpose built for meeting verification needs in the modern context. They leapfrog SMS architecturally, offering instant and invisible, in-band verification, helping you build omnipresent, strong security in your apps.

Comparison between phone verification through tru.ID and SMS-based OTPs — at a glance:

Factor Benefit SMS OTP tru.ID Description
No SMS to wait for Lower Friction Authentication happens seamlessly in the background.
No need to switch screens Lower Friction No user interaction involved.
No PIN — no user input required Lower Friction Device authentication is performed without a PIN.
Blazingly Fast Lower Friction Up to 50x faster than SMS solutions.
Avoids SS7 & SMPP vulnerabilities Better Security No store and forward; no use of SS7 protocol.
Not based on data from the handset, nor the app Better Security Cryptographically secure, server-side authentication.
Impervious to Social Engineering attacks Better Security The absense of a PIN negates the possibility of social engineering.
Impervious to SIM Swap Fraud and Account Takeover Better Security Active SIM checks eliminate SIM Swap fraud and ATO risk.
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