Phishing-resistant and silent: strong, SIM-based customer authentication

If SMS OTP, email verification, or card readers are your current MFA options, it's time to upgrade to SIM-based auth and get the best of both worlds: strong security and great experience.

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The challenge

It's time to modernise authentication

mfa is now a must-have

MFA is now a must-have

Knowledge factors such as username and password provide poor account protection in an age of rampant identity fraud.

Low MFA adoption is a security risk

Low MFA adoption is a security risk

Current MFA options force consumers into disjointed account journeys, causing high friction and low MFA adoption.

MFA needs to become ubiquitous

MFA needs to become ubiquitous

Simplifying authentication for the customer while strengthening security creates both a safer digital world and a delightful UX.

The solution

SIM-based authentication: frictionless, phishing-resistant, and in everyone's pocket

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Phishing attackers rely on stealing knowledge remotely. tru.ID verifies only the unique SIM in the real user's device.

SIM-based authentication
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No more MITM attacks

With no account credentials to intercept, SIM-based authentication with tru.ID is impervious to man-in-the-middle attacks.

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The SIM card is based on cryptographic security that is difficult to clone. With tru.ID authentication, formidable mobile network security is now available to apps.

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Strong device binding

The pairing of the mobile phone number with its SIM provides stronger proof of possession than verifying the mobile number alone using weaker methods.

SIM authentication

Stronger MFA for your app, simpler UX for your users

Strong possession factor

The combination of SIM authentication and the mobile phone number provides a proven, secure framework for verifying the mobile identity of customers.

Frictionless UX

Although users have become accustomed to 'security theatre', no one enjoys effortful account journeys or difficult transactions. Make life easier for your users with strong, yet silent auth.

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The best of both worlds: strong security, simple for users

Account authentication UX that's easy and secure

Authentication UX that's easy and secure

Improve verification by removing unnecessary steps in the onboarding journey. Wherever you use the mobile number as a credential, you can simplify it by using SIM auth.

Everyone's phone transformed into an MFA device

Replace expensive card readers or token for your most valuable customers, and use their smartphone as a strong security device.

Everyone's phone transformed into an MDA device
continuous protection of user access

Continuous protection of user access

Verify your users silently in the background every time they log in on a mobile device, or use push notifications to authorise desktop logins from your app.

tru.ID: truly different

Let us show you how tru.ID can transform your user account authentication. Get in touch.

How tru.ID works

Network authentication that turns every mobile into a strong MFA possession factor

Real-time checks, directly with the network

Real-time verification, directly with the network

tru.ID uses an API to verify the mobile number and SIM card with the mobile operator in real-time – so you can confirm the pairing of mobile identity, not just the phone number, providing strong device binding.

SIM swap checks trigger step-up challenges

Unlike other MFA methods, tru.ID verification detects recent SIM change activity. If detected, step-up security can be implemented to reduce the risk of account takeovers from SIM swap fraud.

SIM change checks to detect SIM swapping
Low-code API platform with companion auth app

Easy deployment using simple APIs

tru.ID is a modern API platform for mobile verification built to the OIDC standard. With a developer-friendly console and testing app, comprehensive tutorials for leading code stacks, and SDKs for Android and iOS apps, you'll have personalised support to get started.


Improve MFA adoption

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