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power of invisible authentication

Silent, SIM-based 2FA for every user

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Adding two-factor authentication (2FA) to your app is vital to keep your platform safe, but it can lead to a drop-off in conversion. The majority of users still opt out of traditional 2FA because of the effort it requires.
No need to compromise. Secure every user — without additional barriers — thanks to tru.ID.
Mobile Identity

The ideal mobile identity

Mobile phones give you access to an unparalleled market — more people have a mobile phone number than an email address. As a form of identity, mobile phones are easy to share but difficult to fake. With tru.ID, you can instantly verify possession of a mobile phone with 100% accuracy.

Invisible verification

Friction during authentication is one of the key reasons users drop out of your onboarding process. Switching to a different app or waiting for a code to arrive breaks the user's flow, causing conversions to plummet. But with tru.ID, the user doesn't have to wait or take action, keeping them on board and engaging with your app.
No user input required
Powerful Security

Powerful security

SMS OTPs provide poor security due to outdated vulnerabilities, leaving them exploitable by both SIM swap and MITM (man-in-the-middle) attackers. Using the inbuilt security of the SIM card, tru.ID makes it impossible to fake the possession of a mobile phone number and detects SIM swap activity.

Are you ready for March 14, 2022?

Get your app ready for SCA/PSD2 compliance in time for the new deadline. For more on how to implement SCA without losing your customers to poor UX, poor security, or both, read our free white paper: SCA for mobile banking made simple with tru.ID.
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Better than exploitable codes

'Magic links' and codes via SMS or email can be accessed remotely by malicious actors — or spoofed by fraudsters pretending to be your business. With tru.ID, the check is performed directly with a user's mobile network operator from your app, making it impossible for a third party to intercept the verification process.

Better than delayed reactions

Network delays and email problems often result in codes that take endless minutes to arrive — meaning that users are frustrated, and bad actors have time to snoop. tru.ID verification is invisible to users and works in real time, taking less than 2 seconds.

Better than cumbersome add-ons

Several SCA-compliant solutions require the user's effort to carry a hardware token or downloading a separate app, which users are reluctant to take on. tru.ID requires no additional possession — the user doesn't need to download or carry anything, or even leave your service.
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