Secure your app with the

superpower of invisible

Silent 2FA for every user

Adding a second factor into your authentication can lead to drops in conversion, and not having it causes churn due to compromised user accounts. Even if offered, many users don't enable 2FA altogether to avoid additional friction during use.
Break from this vicious circle — secure every user, without additional barriers — with tru.ID.

The ideal mobile identity

Mobile phone numbers enable you to reach 5 Billion consumers. They are more reliable and enable better engagement than other identities. tru.ID lets you instantly verify their possession with 100% accuracy.

Invisible to users

Friction during authentication can be a major cause of abandonment. Switching to an authenticator app or to the SMS inbox breaks user flow and decreases conversion. tru.ID requires zero user input.

Compliant with stringent standards

OTPs over SMS provide porous security at best, due to protocol and transport layer vulnerabilities. tru.ID makes it impossible to fake the possession of a mobile phone number to deliver strong authentication.

Real-time, synchronous

You can be sure the device in session has the phone number you want to verify. A user cannot read/share the PIN, and it only works in-band.

No MITM, ever

The check is performed directly with a user's mobile network operator, making it impossible for an agent to sniff PINs or inject malicious payloads.

Nothing to download/carry

Several SCA compliant solutions require carrying additional hardware tokens or downloading dedicated apps. tru.ID requires no additional possession.