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Passwordless login for every user

You shouldn't have to choose between easy to implement access management and delivering a delightful onboarding experience. Emails and social logins both force users to switch context from your app. Don't lose users to friction during onboarding.Blow their socks off – deliver a streamlined onboarding experience — with tru.ID.
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Your app, with tru.ID

Real users, real engagement

Driving engagement in your app can be a challenge if you use user identities such as emails and social logins, which have a low barrier for acquisition. With a verified phone number you can be sure you're acquiring real users, not spambots.

A delighted user is a returning user

First impressions matter. Break away from traditional sign-up experiences in favour of a mobile-first experience, purpose built for the modern world. Wow users at onboarding and keep them coming back to your app.

Prevent churn due to account takeovers

Email and social logins are only as secure as the identities themselves. Always know when a user is in a real-time session and deny unauthorised usage, without adding friction for legitimate users.

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Your standard account registration UX may be losing you up to 30% of potential customers. What if you could save them?
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