mobile phone connects to verify laptop securely using sim card and mobile carrier

Hardware-grade security without extra hardware

A powerful security device is in everyone's hands already – the mobile phone and its SIM. tru.ID network authentication for identity and access management offers simpler, stronger, universal protection for the workforce of the future, now.

tru.ID background

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The challenge

It's time to innovate authentication

ransomware attack

Ransomware attacks are costlier than ever

Compromised passwords are the leading cause of security breaches that increase the risk of ransom demands.

seamless SIM-based authentication

Hybrid working is here to stay

As employees spread across locations, offices and homes, security processes must adapt to hybrid working practices.

connects to mobile networks in real time

IAM needs to be more agile to adapt

As the security perimeter grows, IAM leaders are having to respond to the complexities of 'bring-your-own-identity'.

The solution

Strong authentication for every employee, every mobile, everywhere

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No extra hardware costs

Replace keys, tokens or dongles with SIM-based mobile MFA. No more lost or stolen hardware that could cost $70-100 to replace and support.

laptop, desktop and mobile continuous secure connections
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Strong phone-based MFA

The pairing of a mobile number with the SIM provides a strong network-based possession factor based on tamper-proof, cryptographic security.

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Faster remote onboarding

Provide remote employees instant access security using the mobile phone. Save on shipping delays and costs for onboarding employees no matter where they are.

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Expand security for everyone

Every employee’s mobile phone could provide rock-solid authentication. Enable strong security for all the workforce, not just high-risk individuals.

SIM authentication

Stronger security for IAM, simpler MFA for employees

Strengthen trust with strong mobile possession

The combination of SIM authentication and the mobile phone number provides a standardised, secure framework for digital identity verification of employees.

Simplify MFA using a universal device

Users no longer have to remember (and misplace!) extra hardware tokens, or grapple with auth apps. They use a familiar device that rarely leaves their side and the mobile phone's built-in security.

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Your employee mobile credentials, verified by tru.ID

Steady migration from password-based systems

Employee registration that's both easy and secure

Onboard new employees with strong possession-based authentication, verifying the mobile number together with the network-issued SIM.

Continuous protection of user access

Verify your users silently in the background every time they login on a mobile device, or use push notifications to authorise desktop logins.

Continuous protection of user access
Steady migration from password-based systems

Steady migration from password-based systems

Reduce expensive password reset procedures, protect your organisation against password-related security breaches, and relieve your employees from the stress of forgotten passwords.

tru.ID truly is different

See how tru.ID can transform your employee verification and access experience. Get in touch.

How tru.ID works

Possession factor security using network authentication

Real-time checks, directly with the network

Real-time checks, directly with the network

tru.ID verifies the mobile number and SIM card status directly with the mobile operator in real-time — so you can be certain that a phone number is associated with that SIM.

SIM change checks to detect SIM swapping

In addition to verifying mobile credentials, tru.ID checks for recent changes of the SIM. If there has been a change, extra step-up challenges can be implemented in accordance to access policies.

SIM change checks to detect SIM swapping
Low-code API platform with companion auth app

Low-code API platform with companion auth app

The tru.ID platform provides a modern IAM solution, with developer-friendly APIs, comprehensive tutorials for leading coding stacks, SDKs for Android and iOS, and an optional companion app for authentication.


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