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If you’re relying on email links, SMS codes, or social media logins to onboard mobile users to your app, you could be losing 30% of your potential revenue. Yet most businesses aren’t even aware that there’s a better alternative.
With tru.ID’s invisible onboarding solutions, you can provide a frictionless user experience and maximise your revenues — without compromising on security.

Increase your revenues

Catch the revenue from up to 30% of users who normally drop off due to frustrations at the onboarding stage — as well as those you never see thanks to negative reviews on social media.

Deliver a magical user experience

Remove all the friction and speed up the process. With no context switching, waiting period, or codes to enter, users don’t get bored or distracted — and you’re providing the app experience you want to showcase sooner.

Reduce fraud and support costs

Invisible, in-band onboarding means saying goodbye to support calls from lost PIN codes and passwords. With stronger security to keep spam and fraudsters out, there’s less work for your team.

Estimate your upside

The average app business loses 20-30% users at registration — we can help you address this drop-off in your onboarding funnel.
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Better than email

No need for the clunky context switch of waiting for delivery and then searching through a different app: tru.ID’s API makes mobile onboarding sleek, invisible, effortless, and in-band.

Better than social logins

Having to remember social logins causes user frustration and privacy concerns, and these credentials can easily be acquired or stolen. tru.ID authentication provides stronger verification using only the mobile phone number.

Better than SMS OTPs

SMS messages can be intercepted and PIN codes can be copied or shared, but a mobile number tied to a SIM card is a unique combination — and tru.ID checks the SIM card to mitigate the problems of SMS interception and SIM swap fraud.
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