The quick and easy solution to

prevent account takeover fraud

without barriers for genuine users

SIM Swap fraud is on the rise, and attackers are finding increasingly sophisticated methods to cheat their way through knowledge-based verification. Making registration easy while keeping the bad actors out is a tightrope any app owner will be all too familiar with. If you put up too many barriers, you affect conversion for genuine users. If you make it too easy, you risk fraud.
Avoid the support nightmare of breached credentials: keep your platform free of fraud by using rock-solid security that actively checks for SIM swap activity.

Protect your website or app against SIM swap fraud

Using SMS OTP-based 2FA?

Augment the security of your website or mobile app with a single, server-side API call through Active SimCheck.

Building a new app?

Embed the strongest proof of possession along with SIM swap detection using Strong SubscriberCheck.
real-time checks without user effort

Real-time checks without user effort

Embed a powerful security check that doesn't add steps in the user journey. tru.ID verifies SIM card status directly with the mobile operator in real-time — so you can be certain that a phone number hasn't been assigned to another SIM or device.

Continuous security

Verify your clients silently in the background every time they login, or as an extra step-up for a sensitive in-app feature. Whenever you need extra checks in your app, simply use tru.ID APIs to ensure a customer's SIM card hasn't changed.
continuous security
simpler, stronger 2FA

A simpler, stronger alternative to 2FA

With a yes/no result in under 2 seconds, know immediately if a user is legit. You can use tru.ID as an alternative to a separate two-factor authentication app and reduce barriers to engagement.

Stay ahead of SIM swap fraud

Learn more about SIM swap fraud and why it is a risk every business needs to manage. If you're using conventional methods of account authentication, book a free 30-minute strategy session to see if tru.ID can help you prevent account takeovers and protect your brand.
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Better than disruptive challenges

You know how much users hate typing in security answers, special character combos, and the thirteenth letter of their second pet's name. What if you could add another layer of security without adding anything to the user experience? tru.ID's SIM-based authentication works invisibly in the background, with no interruption to the user journey.

Better than probabilistic guesswork

The check is performed directly with a user's mobile network operator, making it impossible for an agent to sniff PINs or inject malicious payloads.

Better than complex implementations

tru.ID's APIs integrate seamlessly on top of your existing systems and processes, making implementation a breeze. You can add an Active SIMCheck to your existing authentication process on both websites and mobile apps, without having to add anything to the design, user flow, or even releasing an app update.
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