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Better user authentication

How do you know it’s the right user coming back? If it’s a high-risk transaction, how do you do a Step up check without too much friction? The answer is — tru.ID Silent authentication — No more SMS or PIN codes or Passwords. Authenticate a returning user silently based on their mobile number and a secure SIM-based possession factor check. Increase customer satisfaction while maintaining strong security.

Using a SIM card as a possession factor
Better access management with a mobile phone number

Better access management

As hybrid working and zero trust approaches become the norm, keeping your workforce safe has always required a trade-off between security and usability – until now. With tru.ID you can quickly and easily deploy strong, possession factor-based authentication that is also easy to use. With a choice of a pre-built mobile app, deployment in your existing app, or without any apps, plus a wide range of pre-built integrations with the leading IAM platforms, there is now an easy way to deliver strong authentication for your entire workforce.

Better customer onboarding

You have built a wonderful app – why would you make it hard for new Customers to access it? It's because there has always been a trade-off between security and UX. But now there is a new solution where you can have both, high security and a great user experience. Move to tru.ID mobile digital identity and replace PIN codes, SMS and passwords with a secure SIM-based possession factor. Transform your security, delight your customers — cut fraud and boost your revenues!

Smooth onboarding flow
Better mobile digital identity with a mobile phone number

Better digital identity

For too long, everyone’s online identity has been an email address, with a password for authentication - a legacy approach from 50 years ago, that is badly broken. But now, there is a new way — Mobile-native and cryptographically secure — an online digital identity that works like magic. Your mobile number is the future of online identity, and with tru.ID, that identity is secure, trusted and easy to use.

Better mobile device binding

If email is your digital identity, it is impossible to link that identity to a mobile device without using a PIN code or password. As a result the digital identity is vulnerable to phishing and social engineering. With tru.ID mobile device binding, all those issues go away. Your mobile number is your digital identity, authenticated by the secure SIM-based possession factor in your phone and fully compatible with FIDO, Passkeys or any other access mechanism – it's the future of device binding.

Binding a SIM card and mobile device
Mobile Security without passwords

Better passwordless

Many of today’s so-called “Passwordless” solutions, including authenticator apps, still use an underlying shareable credential (such as a PIN, OTP or account password), making them susceptible to a variety of attacks. With tru.ID you can replace passwords completely with a strong mobile possession factor, delivering an effortless UX without compromising on security, even when used as the only factor.