Better customer onboarding

Say goodbye to a leaky onboarding funnel by removing all friction from your signup and login flows

Using a SIM card as a possession factor
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Increase activation CSAT, AND revenue

You might be losing as many as 40% of your users due to SMS OTP-related issues. tru.ID verifies phone numbers in seconds.

Wow users with a magical experience

No context switching and no codes to enter, so users don't get bored or distracted. Get to showcase your app experience sooner.

Reduce fraud and support costs

Invisible, in-band onboarding means saying goodbye to support calls from lost PIN codes and passwords.

Solve guest checkouts

Frictionless verification of a user’s phone number provides both, a verified user identity, and a smooth checkout experience.

Boost onboarding; strengthen security

Better than SMS OTPs

Fraud and friction

Whether shared, stolen, or guessed, passwords (including OTPs) are the biggest threat to user security and offer terrible UX

Better than social logins

Poor security & privacy

Social logins are only as secure as the underlying email. Users share a ton of data unwittingly and experience unnecessary friction

Better than passwords

Weak security, poor UX

The UX of passwords is considerably worse on mobiles, meaning errors, frustration and ultimately repeated passwords.

Transformative verification — just type your mobile phone number

Powerful security

Powerful security

The humble SIM card has the same cryptographic security as chip & PIN credit cards.


Effortless UX

Users can be either silently authenticated, or approve a login request on an app, or scan a QR code with their phone.


Cost effective

SIM-based verification can be significantly cost-effective compared to SMS, where you pay per attempt and risk losing potential users.


Ready to deploy

Your users already have their SIM possession factor. All your app needs is tru.ID magic to make use of it — with or without an app.