Better User Authentication

The easy way to roll out strong, possession factor-based User Authentication: Turn a user’s SIM card into a proof of mobile phone number as a digital credential.

Using a SIM card as a possession factor
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Only the expected user's device with the corresponding phone number & SIM can complete the verification flow.

Accommodates silent checks

Able to easily authenticate a returning user, or run silent step-up checks for higher risk activities and transactions.

Possession factor based

A SIM verified phone number along with SIM age is at par with MFA through possession factors such as YubiKeys.

Easy account

Forget forgotten passwords and help users access their accounts using their secure mobile number.

Most MFA factors present a tradeoff

Knowledge Factors

Easily breached

Whether shared, stolen, or guessed, passwords (including OTPs) are the biggest threat to user security.

Inherence factors

Dependent on tech factors

Although secure, biometrics such as facial scans are expensive and not accessible to all.

Possession factors

A usability challenge

Hardware possession factors like USB keys are both costly to deploy at scale and hated by users — far from ideal.

The possession factor users always have with them — their mobile phone

Powerful security

Powerful security

The humble SIM card has the same cryptographic security as chip & PIN credit cards.


Effortless UX

Users can be either silently authenticated, or approve a login request on an app, or scan a QR code with their phone.


Low cost

Unlike card readers or USB keys, SIM-based verification requires no investment into hardware for users so you can secure every last one.


Ready to deploy

Your users already have their SIM possession factor. All your app needs is tru.ID magic to make use of it — with or without an app.