SubscriberCheck API

Add security. Remove friction. Leapfrog your user account security into the mobile century with real-time network authentication.

strong subscriber check

Introducing the ultimate network authentication API to verify mobile credentials and prove possession

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Real network-issued numbers

You can now use genuine mobile numbers as the primary credential.

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Real-time proof of possession

Verify mobile numbers against the network-issued SIM for device binding.

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Login security with SIM check

Catch SIM swapping at login by monitoring recent SIM changes.

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Mobile SDK for development

tru.ID provides an SDK for mobile apps to make integration easy.

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The ultimate mobile possession factor for MFA

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Real-time matching of mobile number and SIM

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Works with standard, eSIM and dual SIMs

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One API platform for global network connectivity

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Works with mobile and web apps

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Silent verification for seamless, in-session UX


Why choose tru.ID mobile verification

Embeddable mobile-native verification

Build truly mobile-first account experiences with network authentication that networks use for their own customers.

No more passwords or password recovery

By verifying mobile number and SIM, there's no longer a need for usernames and passwords.

Compliance for SIM device binding

Regulators require strong user authentication. SubsciberCheck is an SCA / RBI compliant solution for trusted device binding.

Seamless in-session verification for superior UX

Users dread MFA. The set up, the disjointed login, and getting it wrong. tru.ID verification is uninterrupted, seamless and easy.

What makes tru.ID SubscriberCheck different

Fool proof cryptographic checks

tru.ID is where security meets usability

Other forms of authentication are either weak like passwords or cumbersome like card readers. tru.ID SubscriberCheck balances effort for end users with providing a strong possession factor.

easiest access to carriers

Use proven technology in a new way

SIM-based authentication is the proven method of mobile operators for their own customers. Now you can use the same method for your auth.

SIM change checks to detect SIM swapping

Network authentication as an API

tru.ID aggregates network connectivity globally and makes it available as possession factor APIs. We're live in 20 countries.

Adding tru.ID is easy

Discover why forward-thinking companies are upgrading to silent SIM-based authentication.