Strong SubscriberCheck to secure what matters

Impenetrable security, delightful UX, no tradeoffs

strong subscriber check

Strong customer authentication using mobile digital identity

tru.ID connects directly to the issuers of mobile digital identity - the mobile network - using the same SIM authentication security as carriers use themselves to verify subscribers. Now available for every business.

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Fast setup

You can be up and running in just hours using our developer APIs, connecting you to carrier infrastructure.

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Seamless implementation

Where you already ask users for their mobile phone number, you can simply add the SIM check to the server-side.

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Real-time lookup

No more lazy updates that lag up to 72 hours. All our checks are real-time and up-to-date, directly connected to carriers.

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Deterministic, not probabilistic

tru.ID checks the mobile number against the sim card, so you’ll know for sure that the number matches the device.

Strong SubscriberCheck at a glance

Mobile number verification + SIM change checking

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Strong possession factor for MFA

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Real-time lookup, never cached

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Matches mobile number and SIM

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Connected to mobile carriers via APIs

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Works with mobile and web apps

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Seamless user experience


Why choose tru.ID to build strong authentication

A quantum leap from SMS 2FA

SMS passcodes don’t truly prove device possession and can be intercepted. Frustrating users by making them wait for the OTPs to arrive can be a major source of drop off in your funnel. Better verification, smoother checkouts, easier account management — Change everything, by adding nothing.

Protect your customers

SIM swap fraud is best prevented at source rather than dealt with after it happens. tru.ID gives you easy access to carrier authentication to help protect your users and your reputation.

Compliance, out of the box

Many verification alternatives such as SMS-based 2FA are being challenged by regulators as more stringent anti-fraud regimes, such as PSD2 / SCA are introduced. With Strong SubsciberCheck, you don't have to lift a finger. Your time is precious, spend it building the features your customers most want, not waterproofing leaky security.

Instant, in-band verification

Legacy approaches lead to poor 2FA/MFA adoption rates. Users dread the set up, the experience of jumping across apps, and communication channels looking for information to demonstrate proof. With Strong SubscriberCheck, verification that begins within your app stays in your app.

Stronger SIM-based authentication

What makes tru.ID Strong SubscriberCheck different

SIM change checks to detect SIM swapping

1. Protection from SIM swap fraud

Strong SubscriberCheck is the only verification product that works entirely in-band and is turnkey, not a series of disjointed steps. All other means of verification send the user out of your app, leading to abandonment and drop-offs. With Strong SubscriberCheck the user never leaves your app, and the entire verification happens seamlessly. Fewer dependencies, better security and a better experience.

Fool proof cryptographic checks

2. Fool-proof cryptographic checks

Strong SubscriberCheck is the only product in the market which combines a strong proof of possession of a device with the expected mobile subscriber identity, and confirmation that there have been no changes to this identity that may be suspect. This proof cannot be faked, so you can rest easy knowing scammers have been kept at bay.

Deterministic proof of identity

3. Deterministic proof of identity

We understand risk management is complex, but identity resolution should be binary. We don't provide you with even more variables to decide for yourself whether you want to trust the identity. With Strong SubscriberCheck you receive a deterministic confirmation of the mobile subscriber identity that is being verified. It's always an in-band check, so you can be sure your users are who they say they are.

Find out more about mobile verification with tru.ID

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