Secure what matters

Strong SubscriberCheck

Impenetrable security, delightful UX, no tradeoffs

What if you didn't have to put all your users through a terrible authentication experience in order to keep the bad guys out? What if security was omnipresent but didn't require users to confirm their identity repeatedly? Welcome to the future. Detect fraud and account takeovers before they happen. Add strong cryptographic security, without encumbering the experience for your users.

Instant, in-band verification

Legacy approaches lead to poor 2FA/MFA adoption rates. Users dread the set up, the experience of jumping across apps, and communication channels looking for information to demonstrate proof. With Strong SubscriberCheck, verification that begins within your app stays in your app.

No user input required

Waiting for user input can be a major source of dropouts and lost opportunities to convert. Strong SubscriberCheck verifies users instantly and invisibly, requiring no user action other than typing the phone number. Better verification, smoother checkouts, easier account management — Change everything, by adding nothing.

Compliance, out of the box

Many verification alternatives such as SMS-based 2FA are being challenged by regulators as more stringent anti-fraud regimes, such as PSD2 / SCA are introduced. With Strong SubsciberCheck, you don't have to lift a finger. Your time is precious, spend it building the features your customers most want, not waterproofing leaky security.

Protection from SIM swap fraud

Strong SubscriberCheck is the only verification product that works entirely in-band and is turnkey, not a series of disjointed steps. All other means of verification send the user out of your app, leading to abandonment and drop-offs. With Strong SubscriberCheck the user never leaves your app, and the entire verification happens seamlessly. Fewer dependencies, better security and a better experience.

Fool-proof cryptographic checks

Strong SubscriberCheck is the only product in the market which combines a strong proof of possession of a device with the expected mobile subscriber identity, and confirmation that there have been no changes to this identity that may be suspect. This proof cannot be faked, so you can rest easy knowing scammers have been kept at bay.

Deterministic proof of identity

We understand risk management is complex, but identity resolution should be binary. We don't provide you with even more variables to decide for yourself whether you want to trust the identity. With Strong SubscriberCheck you receive a deterministic confirmation of the mobile subscriber identity that is being verified. It's always an in-band check, so you can be sure your users are who they say they are.
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