Strong authentication and superior UX with Instant PhoneCheck

Transform account journeys from dull into delightful. No SMS OTP to miss, no magic links to distract. Even no passwords. Only a strong possession factor for MFA.

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Key features

tru.ID helps you build uninterrupted account journeys using the mobile phone number

By connecting your app directly to mobile carrier authentication, tru.ID helps you remove unnecessary steps in a typical account verification journey - at least 3 screens and 5 steps. There's no need for SMS OTP or magic links. Just instant, silent verification in the background.

Real mobile phone numbers verified in real time

With tru.ID, you don't just verify a mobile number, like an SMS OTP does, tru.ID verifies a mobile identity - the pairing of a mobile number with the SIM. This way you can be sure that you only deal with real accounts, not virtual numbers.

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An API into the most secure authentication systems

The tru.ID checks are performed directly with a user's mobile network operator. Network-level authentication was only available to carriers themselves, or to enterprise. Now it's an API any developer can use to verify users' mobile identity.

The stronger possession factor compared to SMS OTP

Strong customer authentication doesn't have to be cumbersome. tru.ID uses SIM-based authentication to verify mobile identity. You won't need to clutter customer journeys with SMS OTP, email confirmation or other auth to prove possession.

Low-code APIs and SDKs to integrate into your app

Whatever language your app is built with, or whichever existing 2FA solution you're using, tru.ID has all the documentation and building blocks you need to integrate.

Instant PhoneCheck at a glance

Build innovative account journeys uncluttered by verification

sim check icon

Instant verification of the mobile number

realtime lookup icon

Real-time lookup over a data connection

Match sim to phone icon

Provides the strongest possession factor

connected to carriers via API icon

API connectivity into network authentication

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Seamless UX where there's a mobile number

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A URL-based check, with no PII exchanged


Why choose tru.ID to verify your users' mobile identity

More secure than SMS OTP 

SMS passcodes don’t truly prove device possession and can be intercepted. Account takeover fraud often involves SMS OTP that passes for verification, but isn't really. tru.ID is the stronger SIM-based authentication alternative.

Superior user experience

Using the mobile number as your primary account credential is now a real alternative to old-fashioned username/email + password, or verification experiences that force users into context switching between apps or screens.

Stronger possession factor than SMS OTP

The pairing of the mobile phone number with the SIM identity is a combination that is difficult to copy and near impossible to tamper with. Therefore, when using tru.ID to verify mobile numbers, you'll benefit from the strongest possession factor for auth.

Go passwordless

By integrating directly with mobile network authentication, you open up a world of account possibilities. One of them - going passwordless without compromising security. No more 'forgotten password' support overheads, or a frustrating customer experience.

Calculate the upside of integrating tru.ID

Your standard account registration UX may be losing you up to 30% of potential customers. What if you could save them?
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Stronger SIM-based authentication

What makes tru.ID PhoneCheck different

turnkey and inband

1. In-band and turnkey

Instant PhoneCheck is the only verification product that works entirely in-band and is turnkey, not a series of disjointed steps. All other means of verification send the user out of your app, leading to abandonment and drop-offs. With Instant PhoneCheck the user never leaves your app, and the entire verification happens seamlessly. Fewer distractions, better security and a better experience.

real time security

2. Real-time security

Instant PhoneCheck verifies the mobile data session created by a user's SIM card. It's a check of possession that can't be hacked, so spammers can't create fake accounts and there is no information to phish from unsuspecting users. Be certain the user of your app has the phone number you expect. Say goodbye to fraud and fake accounts, for good.

zero user input

3. Invisible — zero user input

Instant PhoneCheck whizzes your users through phone verification so you can convert every intentful user. Since there's no action necessary, you can create amazing onboarding experiences. Whether you're building a new app and want a blazingly fast, passwordless login, or considering adding 2FA to your app and worried about introducing friction — add security, not friction.

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