tru.ID PhoneCheck API

Verify mobile numbers instantly. Prove mobile possession against the SIM card using real-time network authentication.

superior ux with instant phonecheck

Verify digital presence in real-time using mobile number and SIM

Real network-issued numbers

Verify and register genuine mobile numbers matched to a network SIM card.

instant phone check

No user input beyond number

End users only need to provide their mobile number, the rest is seamless.

A possession factor API

tru.ID connects to global network authentication systems in one platform.

SDKs for simple integration

Easy to code with all the docs and building blocks developers need.

sim check icon

Network authentication of the mobile number

realtime lookup icon

Real-time check using a data connection

Match sim to phone icon

Mobile possession factor based on the SIM

connected to carriers via API icon

Silent verification for superior, seamless UX

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One API platform for global network connectivity

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A comprehensive mobile SDK 


Why choose PhoneCheck for mobile verification

More secure than SMS one-time passcodes

Account takeover fraud often involves SMS OTP. tru.ID SIM-based verification cannot be intercepted.

A better experience for users

With only a mobile number to provide (and nothing else), users don't have to endure janky authentication journeys.

Genuine mobile identities

No more virtual or burner numbers. Only mobile numbers with a real corresponding SIM card.

Exceptional developer platform

tru.ID is an API platform that makes it easy for developers to integrate network authentication.

Explore the tru.ID API platform

World-class documentation, a mobile SDK, companion mobile apps and more.
5 steps to improved MFA adoption

What makes tru.ID PhoneCheck different

turnkey and inband

In-band verification

Unlike with other methods, PhoneCheck keeps your users in your app and they get verified seamlessly within it.

real time security

Real-time security

PhoneCheck verifies the mobile data session created by a user's SIM card. It's a check of possession that can't be hacked or phished.

zero user input

One platform for global network verification

We're connecting to mobile operators globally so you integrate once and scale as you need to in countries where you've got users.

Adding tru.ID is easy

Discover why forward-thinking companies are upgrading to silent SIM-based authentication.