Integrate SIM change monitoring to prevent account takeover fraud.

extra 2FA security with active SIMCheck

Detect if there’s been a change to a user’s SIM card

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Real-time SIM change check

The API will return if there's been a recent SIM change on the number.

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Low-impact integration

You can add SIMCheck server-side without impacting the user experience.

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Continuous security

Every login can be checked for SIM changes for ongoing account protection.

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Deterministic response

SIMCheck matches the mobile number to its actual issued SIM card.

Your new weapon against SIM swap fraud

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Real-time, deterministic check for SIM changes

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API connectivity into network authentication

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Matches mobile number to network-issued SIM

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Works with standard, eSIMs and dual SIMs

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Works on mobile and web apps

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Nothing to change in the user experience


Why integrate tru.ID for SIM swap monitoring

An important addition to your security stack

SIMCheck can be integrated alongside your existing 2FA solution to help protect user accounts on mobile.

Prevention is better than troubleshooting

SIM swap fraud is best prevented at source rather than dealt with after it happens to a user.

Step-up security challenges made easy

No SIM change? No problem. But, if the SIM shows as brand new, you can implement extra checks to verify account access.

Easy to deploy

tru.ID is an API platform with all the documentation and SDKs you need to integrate quickly and easily.

What makes tru.ID SIMCheck different

easiest access to carriers

A new way to check mobile possession

Unlike SMS that only checks possession of a mobile number, tru.ID SIMCheck takes you to the source: the network-issued SIM card.

more secure than 2FA

Silent security at each login

In-app SIM checks are invisible to the end user, and it's only when there's a new SIM that the user experience needs to respond.

know your real users

Filter out potential fraudulent activity

You have deterministic proof that the mobile number is associated with a real network-issued SIM.

Adding tru.ID is easy

Discover why forward-thinking companies are upgrading to silent SIM-based authentication.