Extra 2FA security with Active SIMCheck

Protect your customers and your reputation by preventing SIM swap fraud right at the source - your website or app. Integrate SIM change checks in the background without affecting the user experience. This tru.ID API is to fortify your existing 2FA.

extra 2FA security with active SIMCheck
Key features

By embedding Active SIMCheck, your app will detect if there’s been a recent change to a user’s SIM card

tru.ID enables you to connect to the same SIM-based authentication as used by mobile carriers themselves. One of the ways to use tru.ID APIs is to check for recent SIM identity changes - for example, if a new SIM has been issued in the last few days. If there has, you may choose to design additional steps to verify your users.

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Fast setup

You can be up and running in just hours using our developer APIs, connecting you to secure carrier authentication.

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Seamless implementation

Where you already ask users for their mobile phone number, you can simply add the SIM check to the server-side.

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Real-time lookup

No more lazy updates that lag up to 72 hours. All our checks are real-time and up-to-date, directly connected to carriers.

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Deterministic, not probabilistic

tru.ID checks the mobile number against the sim card, so you’ll know for sure that the number matches the device.

Active SIMCheck at a glance

Your new weapon against SIM swap fraud

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Returns a check for recent SIM card changes

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Real-time lookup, never cached

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Matches mobile number to SIM identity

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Connected to carriers via APIs

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Works with mobile and web apps

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No need to change user experience


Why choose tru.ID to help prevent SIM swap fraud

More secure than SMS OTP

SMS passcodes don’t truly prove device possession and can be intercepted. tru.ID is the stronger SIM-based alternative.

Protect your customers

SIM swap fraud is best prevented at source rather than dealt with after it happens. tru.ID gives you easy access to carrier authentication to help protect your users and your reputation.

No more guesswork

Other fraud systems collect copious user data over time. This is bad for privacy, and the risk score is based on probabilities. tru.ID gives you certainty without collecting private data.

Nothing to replace or migrate

tru.ID Active SIMCheck works alongside any existing 2FA implementation. tru.ID is a beneficial addition to your app environment.

Stronger SIM-based authentication

What makes tru.ID ActiveSIMCheck different

more secure than 2FA

1. More secure than SMS 2FA

If, like most apps, you’ve patched up your 2FA with SMS OTP, your app is vulnerable. tru.ID requires only the phone number to check it against the SIM card on the device. There’s no SMS to manipulate, as the SIM checks are made directly with carriers.

easiest access to carriers

2. Easiest way to access carrier authentication

Only the mobile network operator can verify the pairing of the SIM card with the mobile number. That pairing is unique and difficult to tamper with or copy. tru.ID connects directly to the identity issuer - the mobile operator - and now you can access this powerful security feature directly via APIs.

know your real users

3. Real user or not? Don't guess. Know.

Other fraud systems collect copious user data over time to generate a risk score. This is bad for privacy and the assessment is based on probabilities. tru.ID provides proof of possession without collecting private data.

Find out more about mobile verification with tru.ID

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