Platform and Products

Whatever your tech stack, we have you covered. From atomic APIs you can implement for full control over the flow, to ready to use apps and UX for mobile websites — covering all major OS, technologies & frameworks.


No compromises

Our platform is purpose-built for security from the ground up. Our Zero knowledge approach ensures privacy for users, and a minimalistic data footprint for your business.


Built for availability

Legacy mobile telephony infrastructure is not built for reliability; which is why we don't rely upon it! Our platform is available for you when you need—peace of mind assured.


Grow as you go

Your users are spread globally, and your verification needs are growing. SMS infrastructure is static which leads to latencies. Our platform scales elastically to your evolving needs.

Foundation APIs
As an API-first platform, all our platform capabilities are available through atomic APIs. Choose these if you'd like a custom experience and complete control over your implementation.
SIM-based verification is a new technology and dependent upon mobile network operator support. To allow you to design around this, we offer a handy coverage checker which can tell you what products are available in which market, as well as for a given device IP whether we should be able to offer SIM-based verification or not. Tailor your UX to the available products.
Phone Check
Phone Check is our transformative SIM-based verification API, which requires only a phone number, and begins a workflow to verify that the ownership of a real-time mobile data session can confirm the number is indeed what is expected.
SIM Check
Get mobile network operator confirmation for whether a SIM card has been recently changed/reissued and if so within what duration. This provides a proof of sameness for a mobile identity.
Subscriber Check
Our strongest proof of possession coupled with a proof of sameness — it couples the magic of a real-time mobile data session to check the ownership of a mobile number, while also checking SIM characteristics.
Console, CLI & SDKS
A wide range of SDKs for native and hybrid frameworks for all major mobile ecosystems. All our SDKs are Open Source, so if you wanted to avoid a 3rd party dependency, you could simply include the same functionality within your own app. Our developer console allows for an easy start and the CLI enables full-featured access to all our APIs if you wanted to roll up your sleeves and get down to business.
Use-Case APIs
For easier and faster implementation, we package functionality into use-case level abstractions. While they are still accessible through APIs, these are particularly useful for prototyping, so you can have a working build within hours, and if you don't need to implement any custom UI, they are also ready for prime-time.
An Open ID Connect interface for initiating phone verification and receiving the results as an Open ID Connect sub. Works with all our foundation APIs so you can create the verification journey of choice.
Authenticator API
Encapsulating both SIM-based as well as TOTP verification factors, the Authenticator API allows you to embed the functionality of an authenticator right into your own mobile app. You can trigger verifications of your choice, as necessary and add push triggered verifications to your own app.
Application Layer
If you are building a mobile-web verification experience and want tru.ID to handle the UX, or planning to require an authenticator app but don't have one already, these application layer products are available for you and provide the UX and UI you need right out of the box.
For users of our use-case layer OIDC service, we can serve a handy screen for users to enter their phone numbers into, and handle the verification through generation and validation of a QR code too.
Authenticator App
An end-user authenticator app which can be installed by your users on their mobile devices. Users who can associate a phone number with their authenticator can use both SIM-based as well as TOTP verification factors as required by your login policy.
For customers who are using an Open ID Connect compatible Identity and Access Management provider, we offer out-of-box connectors for the most popular IAMs, as well as easy OIDC-compatible implementations for all others. We also provide fully formed bridging code for you to host so you can keep your IAM data private.
IAM Providers
We provide out-of-box connectors for some of the most popular IAM platforms including Okta, Auth0, Gluu and PingID. Most other IAM platforms can connect with and use our SIM-based verification through the OIDC service. If you have specific IAM needs, talk to us.
IAM Bridges
We offer simple repositories that can be used for initiating phone verifications through your IAM. This ensures your IAM data remains private and you don't need to build verification logic from scratch.

From tutorials and quick starts, to our class-leading solutions consulting, getting started takes minutes and we can help you minimise the amount of effort for your use-case.