Possession Factor Authentication for all your Employees

Most IAM platforms default to SMS OTP as the authentication method causing security vulnerabilities, higher support costs and poor UX. tru.ID SIM-based authentication lets you deploy strong, possession-factor authentication for your entire workforce, quickly and easily, improving security and cutting costs.

  • Turnkey Possession Factor Auth App simplifies deployment & use
  • Lower costs by eliminating need to call Support Desk with login problems
  • Improve User Experience & User satisfaction
  • Easy to deploy
Phone Numbers are the Ideal digital identity
Strong authentication that is easy to use

Using the cryptographic security in mobile phones means that Employee verification is significantly more secure than other methods.

  • Phishing resistant
  • Possession factor based
  • No passwords or shared credentials
  • Turnkey Mobile App
a mobile phone with sim card shaped as a lock
Employee Auth with tru.ID
  • Download the tru.ID mobile App
  • Employee begins the login process on their mobile or desktop / laptop
  • Employee receives an access request on their mobile. 
  • Tap to confirm triggers a SIM-based possession factor check
  • This confirms they have the right credential, in the right data session, and authenticating right now
  • Digital User Identity is assured
  • Employee access is granted
Easy to deploy
  • Support for all OIDC-compatible IAM platforms
  • Turnkey integrations to many leading platforms, including:
    • Okta
    • Auth0
    • Ping Identity
    • Gluu
  • More integrations on the way
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