Digital identity for a mobile-first world
Balance security and usability by using mobile phone numbers as your primary identifier — empowered by tru.ID
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Phone Numbers are the Ideal digital identity
Digital identity hasn't caught up to the mobile future
Globally Unique
Globally unique
Internet access is increasingly mobile-first. Mobile phone numbers are the most intuitive, convenient, and private identifier.
Secured by hardware
Secured by hardware
SIM cards and phone numbers are uniquely linked, which allows you to confidently bind a phone number to an app and device.
real-time check
In-band and real-time
Unlike emails, phone numbers can be verified in real time, within your app, with complete confidence in a binary yes/no answer.
Uncrackable cryptography
Uncrackable cryptography
Phone numbers verified through SIM possession are protected by the same hardware-grade security as chip + PIN cards.
Phone numbers: The ideal digital identity for mobile
from the real world
‘Throwaway’ email addresses are easy to create, and aren’t linked to a unique identity.
Easy access
Porous passwords
are easily breached
The weakest links in your security are shareable passwords, PINs, and OTPs.
Privacy at risk
with personal data
Storing PII about users risks a PR storm in the event of a breach.
Modernise your digital identity with mobile numbers
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Right digital identity
tru.ID verifies mobile numbers directly with the network — only real identities get through.
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Right credentials
Possession of a SIM card as the accompanying credential ensures zero false positives.
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Right now
Real-time checks to authorise user action as it happens — or continuously, with secure session-binding.
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Right balance
Powerful security that is effortless for genuine users, and impossible for fraudsters to bypass.