Mobile Digital Identity for Contractors

Contractors, affiliates and partners are key members of your workforce.   But, with no corporate email address, access to corporate systems can be complex, costly and insecure.  tru.ID helps you to solve this problem, by delivering a trusted mobile digital identity for contractors based on their mobile phone number.  

  • Eliminate security risks with a trusted digital identity
  • Cut costs, reduce manual workarounds, streamline operations
  • Supports any device with a SIM card – including  BYOD
  • Easy to deploy & manage
Phone Numbers are the Ideal digital identity
Mobile digital identity for Contractors

Using the mobile number, coupled with a secure SIM-based possession check provides a trusted digital identity for all your workers

  • Ensure security for your entire workforce
  • Cut costs and improve efficiency by enabling contractors to access more services online
  • Improve user experience
a mobile phone with sim card shaped as a lock
Contractor Auth with tru.ID
  • Download the tru.ID mobile App
  • Contractor begins the login process on their mobile
  • Contractor receives an access request on their mobile. 
  • Tap to confirm triggers a SIM-based possession factor check
  • This confirms they have the right digital identity, on the right device, and authenticating right now
  • Digital User Identity is assured
  • Contractor access is granted
Easy to deploy
  • Support for all OIDC-compatible IAM platforms
  • Turnkey integrations to many leading platforms, including
    • Okta
    • Auth0
    • Ping Identity
    • Gluu
  • More integrations on the way
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