Secure your workforce in an increasingly mobile world
tru.ID's SIM possession factor neutralises the biggest threat to your enterprise security.
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tru.ID fortifies your IAM deployent
All MFA factors are not equal
One Time Passwords
Passwords + OTPs
Easy prey for phishing
Knowledge factors for MFA may be more secure than passwords alone, but they are just as vulnerable to phishing and smishing (SMS phishing). Both passwords and SMS OTPs can be intercepted or spoofed.
Possession factors
Partial deployment
leaves others vulnerable
Hardware-based possession factors such as USB keys are expensive and fiddly. Prohibitive cost means only privileged employees are offered them, and those that do often shun their usage due to poor usability.
Open padlock
Security is only as strong
as the underlying credentials
Some identifiers are easy to socially engineer. Others are easy to forcibly breach. To be sure of who’s logging in, it is imperative your MFA factors rely on a strong identifier that you can trust.
Modernise your digital identity with mobile numbers
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Fortify security without theatre
Truly impenetrable security, effortless for genuine users and insurmountable for bad actors. See how SIM-Card possession is transformative.
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Drive widespread adoption of MFA
Verify everyone in your organisation, not just key at-risk individuals — bad actors only have to only succeed once.
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Go passwordless with confidence
Zero false positives guaranteed, so you can build seamless journeys without requiring additional factors.
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Make your IAM phishing-resistant
A tru.ID verified mobile phone in your cross-device flow ensures authentication cannot complete without the real-time express consent of the user.