Improve customer security and user experience with SIM-based authentication

tru.ID is a new possession factor API that lets you embed the built-in security inside everyone's mobile phone.

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Steady migration from password-based systems
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It’s inherently secure
Using the cryptographic security in mobile phones means that the user verification process is significantly more secure than other methods.
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It’s frictionless
The simple and easy-to-use tru.ID authenticator app can be seamlessly and even ‘invisibly’ embedded into the current customer experience, making it even easier.
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It’s easy to deploy
Use of the tru.ID possession factor integrates seamlessly with your existing customer IAM platform for stronger MFA without additional overhead or cost.

Use cases

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Boost onboarding
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Replace hardware tokens
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Strong customer MFA
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Prevent account takeover
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SIM device binding

Connect to leading mobile operators with one global platform

2bn+ mobile numbers
20+ countries
2 seconds to verify
Why tru.ID?

Ubiquitous mobile identity. Seamless user experience.
Cryptographic security.  

The mobile number and SIM is a powerful pairing to provide a strong possession factor for MFA. Upgrade to SIM-based authentication and leave the many problems of password-based systems behind.

instant verification to convert every user
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Only real mobile identities
no more virtual or burner mobile numbers
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Stronger 2FA than SMS OTP
replace SMS OTP or magic links for strong, seamless and silent 2FA/MFA
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Zero user effort
no more forgotten passwords, app switching to register or login, or auth codes to input
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a URL-based lookup for zero trust, zero knowledge, and no PII
what makes tru.ID unique
How does tru.ID work?

Like magic.

tru.ID provides the same authentication experience as a network itself - no need to login, and it's secure and seamless.

developer first

SIM security, now an API

Until tru.ID, network authentication was only available to operators themselves, or enterprise. Now, tru.ID offers an API platform, supported by guides and tutorials.

strong possession factor using SIM security

Possession factor using SIM security

tru.ID leverages the cryptographic security of the SIM card to verify the user’s mobile number, a pairing that is unique. We call this pairing SIM-based authentication.

connects real-time to mobile network authentication

Connected to mobile networks

tru.ID partners with global Mobile Network Operators to provide real-time access to the same SIM-based authentication used to bill and connect mobile customers.

How does tru.ID work?
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Connects to mobile networks in real-time

tru.ID’s partners with global mobile network operators to provide access to their authentication systems. If your business uses the mobile phone number as a credential – be it as part of registration, or access login, tru.ID looks up the number, matches it to the network, and asks – is this a valid subscriber? If the network replies ‘yes’, tru.ID returns a positive response. It's a URL-based lookup with no personal data exchanged.

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Seamless SIM-based authentication

tru.ID verifies the user’s mobile number with the SIM card identity, a pairing that is unique and near impossible to copy or tamper with. We call this pairing SIM-based authentication. There’s nothing more the user needs to do than enter their mobile phone number, which is checked against the network's SIM authentication using a URL-based lookup over a data connection.

tru.ID developer flow

A developer-first global API platform

Until tru.ID, access to network-level authentication systems was only available to the mobile operators themselves, or to enterprise customers. tru.ID changed all that and built a developer-first API platform. Integrate once, then scale as you expand, be it nationally or globally, supported by comprehensive guides and tutorials for Android, iOS, ReactNative, and Web.

Adding tru.ID is easy

Discover why forward-thinking companies are upgrading to silent SIM-based authentication.


Authentication, reimagined

The password is an anachronism, SMS OTP is open to fraud, auth apps are cumbersome, and hardware is expensive. It's time to build a new standard of identity and access management - SIM-based MFA.

Instant PhoneCheck for account registration

Instant PhoneCheck for account registration

No more forgotten passwords, SMS OTP, or email links. Use Instant PhoneCheck to verify mobile phone numbers instantly and invisibly, transforming onboarding UX for good.

Go to Instant PhoneCheck >

Active SIMCheck for fraud prevention

Add SIM-based authentication to your weaponry against SIM swap fraud. Use Active SIMCheck to detect recent account changes, and protect your customers from the risks of account takeover.

Go to Active SIMCheck >
Active SIMCheck for fraud prevention
Strong SubscriberCheck for account access

Strong SubscriberCheck for account access

Get the full package: transform account authentication with all the above benefits and more. This API is your ultimate toolkit for the next generation of account access and identity verification.

Go to Strong SubscriberCheck >
tru.ID made for developers
Built for developers

Carrier-grade verification now open for all

Our team's deep telecommunications expertise drives us to democratise access to the same verification technology that carriers use themselves, with a simple, familiar tech stack that's easy to integrate.

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A simple set of RESTful APIs and libraries for your platform and technology of choice, which do all the heavy lifting, so adding our verification takes you minutes, not months.

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Data privacy compliant

tru.ID has regional data privacy baked into it, so we are compliant in Europe for GDPR for example. You can also configure your app data residency.

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Zero-trust security

Our platform is purpose-built for security from the ground-up; enabling you to add zero-trust authentication to your app, through zero-knowledge APIs.

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Enterprise-level reliability

Our infrastructure scales with your growing verification needs, and as we add new networks or countries they are seamlessly available to you as well.

tru.ID ROI calculator
ROI Calculator

How is your conversion? 
Calculate the upside of switching to tru.ID for a dramatic boost to user onboarding.

Your standard onboarding UX may be losing you up to 30% of potential customers. What if you could save them?

tru.ID ROI calculator
tru.ID ROI calculator
ROI Calculator

How is your conversion? 
Calculate the upside of switching to tru.ID for a dramatic boost to user onboarding.

Your standard onboarding UX may be losing you up to 30% of potential customers. What if you could save them?

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