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Why now, why tru.ID?

Being able to trust a Mobile Identity is critical to the future of commerce, for business efficiency and for society as a whole.

We are building the mobile identity infrastructure that will enable this future - an online world that is easier and safer for everyone, where your mobile phone number is your online digital identity, and your transactions are secure.

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The world is going mobile

As the world moves online, that increasingly means mobile. Already, more than 2 billion people pay with their mobile phone. Commerce, healthcare, entertainment, government and soon, your identity documents – they are all moving to mobile. The pandemic and remote working has accelerated this transition.  But online security has not kept pace. Legacy models still dominate, and the fundamental security benefits of the mobile are being ignored.

Using a SIM card as a possession factor
Better access management with a mobile phone number

Phishing & cybercrime are exploding

Cybercrime is a now a multi trillion-dollar business that is being industrialised at massive scale. The economic and business damage from successful attacks is also increasing dramatically as criminals become more sophisticated. Current MFA approaches still rely on the vulnerability of shared credentials. What is needed is a paradigm shift from knowledge-based factors to Possession factors + Biometrics. We can help you embrace that change.

Solution: Trusted digital identity

Trusted digital identity from tru.ID enables organisations of any size to securely authenticate customers and employees online. Using tru.ID you can be certain that an online user has :
the RIGHT digital Identity – their mobile number
with the RIGHT Credential – their SIM card
on a REAL Mobile Device
and is authenticating RIGHT NOW.

Smooth onboarding flow
Better access management with a mobile phone number

Stop fraud, cut costs, boost revenues

Most businesses are still using legacy digital identity and security approaches for mobile – the result is widespread fraud, unhappy customers, and unsustainable costs.  Fraud & Cybercrime cause big costs – fines, business damage, operating costs, and brand damage.  And poor UX turns away customers and cuts revenue.  Now there is a new solution that solves all these problems.