July 27, 2022

Webinar: An Introduction to SIM-Based Authentication

Thomas Hull
Content Specialist

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Why has the user experience of account security trended towards complexity? 

Will mobile end up as the preferred identity of everything everywhere? 

Is there a way to solve the tension between tight security and positive experience?

And is SIM-based authentication a compelling solution to that tension?

These are just some of questions that Simon Moffatt, of cybersecurity research firm The Cyber Hut, discussed with our CEO-Founder Paul McGuire, in a webinar on trust in a mobile world. 

Don't miss Simon and Paul's industry insights on the Five Ages of Mobile, and see where you'd place your organisation's readiness for the security of the future.

Couldn’t make it? No worries – we’ve got the VOD link and the slides from the presentation so you can catch up. Below is a summary of the topics covered.

The 5 Ages of Mobile and the Security vs Usability Conundrum

The webinar explained the emergence of the SIM card as a universal possession factor for account registration and login. With cybersecurity becoming more vital in the age of hybrid work and BYOD (‘bring your own device’), how can IAM managers help prevent fraud without compromising user experience? 

Using the benefits of both software and hardware security for a mobile device, SIM security is the new verification method that could change authentication for good.

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  • The trade-offs of existing authentication factors – OTP, Push, WebAuthn, FIDO
  • How to combine the benefits of software and hardware MFA
  • The dozens of use cases for SIM-based authentication
  • How SIM-based authentication works

Watch the replay

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