August 29, 2022

tru.ID featured in Best Authentication Solutions by Cybernews

Thomas Hull
Content Specialist

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We live in a mobile world where mobile phone numbers make up the majority of our digital identities. Although verifying a mobile number was made easy with SMS OTP, verifying possession of a mobile number has been impossible, unless you were the mobile network itself.

The tru.ID platform offers just that – turnkey API solutions that verify the possession of a mobile phone number and its associated SIM card.

In contrast to SMS-based OTP, tru.ID verification technology relies on in-band server-side verification. As such, it is impervious to man-in-the-middle attacks, social engineering, and SIM swaps.

tru.ID verification of the mobile number and SIM offers unique security and usability benefits:

  • Phishing-resistant verification
    When there are no shared credentials such as PINs or password to intercept or steal, risk of phishing plummets
  • Zero-trust login
    Continuous verification of mobile credentials as part of zero trust security strategy
  • Silent authentication (in-band)
    No friction in the user experience leads to improved MFA compliance
  • Tamper-proof possession factor
    We leverage the cryptographic security of the SIM card to prove mobile possession

Our principles and modern approach have been noticed by Cybernews – a team of experts, covering the latest cyber and tech-related reports, like reviews of VPN providers, or crypto and cyber war world news.

Recently, Cybernews featured tru.ID in their list of the best authentication solutions.

Our favourite quote?

“What makes tru.ID unique is that it uses the same verification technology that carriers use themselves. Because of that, users don't even have to go to an authenticator app – there are no PINs, no URLs to click on, and no actions to review and approve.”

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