June 23, 2023

Introducing the tru.ID Mobile Console app

Greg Holmes
Developer Advocate

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tru.ID provides Silent Network Authentication for mobile devices using the SIM card and active data connections. Our platform is mobile-first, so the Mobile Console app is the perfect place for you to test tru.ID APIs and manage your projects.

Our silent authentication API technology is primarily deployed in mobile applications and on the mobile web, where tru.ID uses the connectivity of mobile network operators to verify that the SIM card’s MSISDN (phone number) matches the data connection.

So, to make it easy for you to work directly with tru.ID where your users live, we’ve produced a mobile application that allows you to:

  • Log into your tru.ID account
  • View your workspace details
  • View your projects and their details
  • Navigate through your project’s usage and analytics
  • Join the tru.ID Developer Program (find out more info here)
  • Try tru.ID verification and SIM swap detection — with no coding required

How do I use it?

The tru.ID Mobile Console can be downloaded on either the Google Play store for Android devices, or the Apple App Store for iPhone. Get it below:

Try out tru.ID verification live in the app

Within the ‘Settings’ section of the Mobile Console application, you’ll find two blue buttons that allow you to use your device to test our APIs for yourself:

  • Try tru.ID verification: Verify that the phone number and SIM card are a match by carrying out a live PhoneCheck
  • Try tru.ID SIM Swap: Check whether the SIM card has recently been swapped by carrying out a SIMCheck.

Also within this section is a button labelled ‘Developer Program’. The Developer Program contains all of the features of a standard tru.ID account, with some added perks.

In addition to global network authentication APIs and all the tools and support you need to test and build SIM-based authentication, we're also giving you 1,000 live verifications credited free to your account — and tru.ID swag with our distinctive truDino mascot.

The Settings screen of the Mobile Console app

So, if you have a tru.ID account and are actively using our APIs or looking to implement our APIs into your application, try out the Mobile Console! You can keep checking on your projects while on the go.

If you have any further questions, we’d be more than happy to talk through any of the communication methods on our support page.

Want to discuss how tru.ID could help you verify mobile users with a silent, secure API check? Talk to our Sales team to find out more.