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Introducing Instant PhoneCheck


Parth Awasthi

Head of Product

Mobile Authentication is broken.

Until now, mobile phone number verification has been implemented through having users enter short-lived one-time passwords, which they either generate through an app/device or receive over an email, SMS or phone call. All such PIN based solutions force users through a series of extra steps just to verify their identity before they can do anything within your app, and they aren’t even truly secure.

We at tru.ID set out on a mission to reimagine identity and authentication for a private, secure, and mobile-first future. We've built Instant PhoneCheck from the bottom-up to deliver a smooth, seamless and secure verification and onboarding experience. Our breakthrough new mobile authentication technology does away with PINs entirely, relying instead on the strong cryptographic security of SIM Cards in users' mobile devices, making clunky, legacy 2FA user flows history.

Over the last few months, while the product was in Alpha, we’ve received some great feedback from our early adopters and now we are ready to onboard more users. We’re delighted to announce that Instant PhoneCheck is now in Early Access. Developers can signup and start building apps today! Our documentation is fully updated and includes everything you need to get started. We can't wait for you to try it out.

Instant PhoneCheck offers impenetrable security with a zero-friction user experience, so you can add 2FA without barriers or go passwordless with confidence. It is mobile-first from the bottom-up:

  • Works entirely in-band and is turnkey, not a series of disjointed steps.
  • Real-Time Security, that can't be hacked.
  • Invisible — Zero user input, so you can convert every user.

It's the future of mobile identity verification, today!

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