March 9, 2021

Instant PhoneCheck Getting Started Guides: Android, iOS, React Native, Mobile Web now available

Phil Leggetter
Developer Experience

tru.ID's Instant PhoneCheck API and SDKs enable you to integrate SIM card-based mobile authentication into your native mobile and mobile web applications. This provides stronger security for your users compared to legacy phone verification flows based on SMS and phone calls. Additionally, PhoneCheck phone number verification takes place in the background within native applications, leading to best in class user experience: no PIN code delivery failures, resend requests, or user errors such as mistypes.

Get Started 🚀

Of course, seeing is believing. So to enable you to get up and running with PhoneCheck as quickly as possible, we've created four Getting Started guides. They'll walk you through getting a code sample up and running on your mobile device, so you can experience SIM card-based mobile authentication with PhoneCheck for yourself.

The Getting Started guides are available for:

Each of the code samples uses our development server. This saves you from having to write and spin-up your own backend during development.

The iOS, Android and React Native applications require you to clone the client code. The mobile web example is served from the development server so you just need to run the server, navigate to the public localtunnel URL on your mobile device, and try it out.

View Source 💻

If you'd rather take a look at the code rather than following the Getting Started guides you can find them here:

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If you have any feedback or require any help please raise an issue on the relevant GitHub repo, or drop us an email at