November 10, 2021

Announcing tru.ID data residency in India

Parth Awasthi
Head of Product
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We’re excited to announce that tru.ID is live on the ground in India. Indian customers integrating tru.ID mobile authentication can now select their local data residency. This is because tru.ID provides regional data isolation, meaning enhanced privacy and data protection for you and your users, and an even speedier verification service.

When you choose ‘India’ at signup, your developer account data, as well as verifications you perform for your end users, will be processed and persisted locally.

Why does data residency matter?

tru.ID provides mobile phone number verification, meaning we need to process (not persist) users’ phone numbers, which are a piece of personally identifying information (PII). If you have a regulatory or policy-based need to keep your customers’ PII in a particular region, then you must create an account in that geographical jurisdiction – for instance, the EU or India. 

If you don’t have regulatory or policy reasons, you should just choose the most proximal region to you in order to experience the fastest possible connectivity.

Enhanced privacy, enhanced performance 

Most SaaS (software-as-a-service) providers serve customers from servers across the world, which usually means data is processed and stored globally. We've built the tru.ID platform from the ground up for enhanced data sovereignty and regional data isolation. This means that when you use tru.ID APIs for multi-factor authentication, neither your data nor that of your end-users ever leaves the region you select at signup. 

As well as an important part of our focus on privacy, this has the great benefit of reducing latency – improving the user experience (UX) for your end-users. Because the access point connects to a local data centre, rather than a remote server, you can rest assured that your end-users are getting the fastest service possible. 

Covering over 2 billion mobile phones in 20 markets, tru.ID leverages the strong encryption of the SIM card to offer powerful possession-based mobile authentication, without the need for hardware, codes, or passwords. Book your free demo today to see it in action.