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Parth Awasthi

Head of Product

Making mobile signup as easy as possible without letting in spam and bad actors is a challenge. Why compromise on either?

When it comes to high mobile conversion, attractive ads and great marketing will only get you so far if the onboarding process turns out to be a clunky nightmare. Smartphone users now generate the majority of revenue for online businesses, but customers on the go want what you’re offering right now – and many users will decide it’s not worth the effort of a complex sign-up process requiring them to remember yet another login, or cumbersome fraud prevention requirements such as two-factor authentication via OTP.

Until recently, this has meant mobile apps and services had to make the difficult trade-off between a frictionless user experience and strong, trustworthy verification. But now there's a way to simplify authentication without adding risk.

Can you afford to risk simplifying mobile authentication?

Of course you want to make life easier for your end users, but not at the expense of strong customer authentication and fraud prevention. You want genuine individuals, not false positives from spambots, and your user base wants a service where they can feel confident that their information is kept safe, but retrievable.

Together this means that 2FA has gone from a nice-to-have to a must-have, but storing users’ information on a server means investing in often pricey security measures to prevent malicious parties from accessing it.

The old onboarding process

For example, let’s say you’re designing the launch page for a travel app. Stylish UX is high on your priority list, but so is secure identity authentication; you need to ensure you’re selling tickets to people, not bots. Legacy verification options would require you to start by prompting the user to give their email or username, then a password, and then force them to exit the app in order to retrieve their OTP or use a separate authentication app.

In these instances, the user’s first impression of your brand is the inconvenience of having to memorise details, switch context to another app, and potentially wait around for a code to arrive – all risk points which can lead to abandonment, using outdated security measures which can be compromised.

Frictionless Onboarding Balance

Achieving the balance: secure frictionless onboarding

Now there’s a completely frictionless onboarding verification, which means you don’t have to compromise on ease of use or fraud prevention.

With tru.ID frictionless onboarding, the only thing you need from your user is permission to process (not store) their phone number. The user waits less than two seconds, their identity is verified, and they can continue. That means no context switching, no wait, and no inconvenience. The result? An invisible, effortless onboarding experience that improves ease and experience for both you and your users.

tru.ID’s Instant PhoneCheck is a mobile-native verification, designed with apps in mind. tru.ID instantly checks the user’s number with their mobile network, and confirms whether it matches. There is no need for any user involvement or retyping of PIN codes. The result is a secure and streamlined user experience and greatly improved conversion.

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