February 16, 2021

Announcing our seed round

Paul McGuire
Co-founder, CEO at tru.ID

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Most of us spend the majority of our professional lives (perhaps all of our lives) struggling to learn, grow, and support our families, without really making much of a difference to the world. But very occasionally, an opportunity comes along that can change everything; that can improve people’s quality of life, unlock economic potential, solve issues of social inclusion, strengthen privacy – an opportunity to really change the world.

We believe that tru.ID has that potential. Our technology can finally replace passwords, provide the foundation for a digital identity for billions of people, solve the growing issues around online fraud and personal data leakage, and increase economic efficiency on a truly global scale.

We raised our £3m seed round in mid-2020 from investors who shared this vision. We are delighted to announce that the round was led by Episode 1 together with MMC Ventures and NHN Ventures, and supported by Tony Jamous, Trevor Healy, Chris Mairs and Brightway Futures LP.

As a founding team, we have experienced the growth of the mobile industry, having founded mBlox, Boku and Nexmo – leading companies in the space – and have helped to deliver billions of SMS messages.  But we have also learned first-hand the drawbacks and inefficiencies of trying to use legacy authentication solutions in an increasingly mobile world.  It is time for the next evolution and we believe tru.ID is uniquely qualified to make it happen. We aim to help the industry take a leap into the 21st century by delivering the mobile-first identity solution that the world really needs.

We are excited to be starting out on this journey.  We are thankful for our team, early adopters, and investors for the help and support on the journey so far.  We look forward to bringing you along on this journey with us!

Paul and Eric

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