Watch: SIM-based authentication explained in just 5 minutes

June 13, 2022
Thomas Hull
Content Specialist

tru.ID VP of Sales Matthias Höllerl explains tru.ID SIM-based authentication

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The mobile SIM card may be 30 years old, but SIM-based authentication is the latest innovation in user authentication.

The MFA method is so new in fact that many people may not be aware that the authentication technology connecting a mobile phone to the network is now available for everyone as a global possession factor API. tru.ID uses the very same SIM-based authentication method that enables a mobile customer to make calls, send texts, browse and make payments on the mobile phone.

After a reconnaissance trip last year, the tru.ID team returned in June to the spectacular Money 2020 trade show in Amsterdam — this time as an exhibitor — to introduce and showcase our latest MFA solution to a premier gathering of banks, payment providers and FinTechs.

FinancialIT, the magazine for all things innovation in financial services, caught up with our VP of EMEA Sales, Mathias Höllerl, who explains in just 5 minutes how a SIM-based possession factor API works and why every business needs to upgrade their mobile authentication security — now.

See tru.ID in action

In just 30 minutes, our team can show you the power of SIM-based authentication.

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