Trusted digital identity
for a mobile world

A mobile digital identity you can trust will help stop cybercrime, cut costs, and grow revenues. See how tru.ID can transform your business using the secure possession factor already in every phone.

Our Vision

We see a mobile world being failed by digital identities built on legacy credentials and poor authentication factors. tru.ID heralds a future where security and usability are not at odds with each other. Where strong proof of possession is indelibly tied to a credential and can be used to establish trust the person in the digital interaction is who you expect it to be.

Our vision: making strong security accessible to a mobile world
Phone numbers as a superior digital identity

The Future Of Identity

Emails are poor digital credentials because there are no means of guaranteeing their ownership let alone access. A mobile phone number can be tied to both a person and—with tru.ID—also the SIM/device being used. Unlocking a better digital identity built on mobile phone numbers makes your user journeys simultaneously delightful and secure.

The Future Of Security

It’s no good using strong security and public-private key cryptography, if you can’t be certain of who the person behind the digital identity is. Fully compatible with FIDO, Passkeys or any other strong access/key management. Zero trust, with zero friction — the applications are many.

Better, stronger security for a zero-trust world.