Build amazing app authentication journeys

Mobile identity APIs for instant, invisible strong customer authentication

What if security was designed from the bottom-up, around your mobile users?
Welcome to the future of mobile identity — Private, Secure, and Frictionless.

Zero User Input

Entirely invisible to users, without invasive device fingerprinting

Sub-2 Seconds

Up to 50x faster than alternatives such as SMS PIN codes

Cryptographically Secure

Impervious to man-in-the-middle and social engineering attacks

Developer Platform

Test in minutes, build in hours, scale as you go
step one

Create the PhoneCheck

Get the mobile application user's phone number and create a PhoneCheck via the tru.ID API to receive a unique check_url in the response.
step TWO

Execute the PhoneCheck

Request the check_url on the mobile device over mobile data connection using a tru.ID SDK.
step THREE

Verify the match status of the PhoneCheck

When the check_url request has completed, verify if the check completed successfully and found a match with the phone number. A successful match confirms that the device in session is associated with the provided number.